Poor Elmo's precious blanket has been stolen and it's our job to help him get it back in "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" -- a "Sesame Street" spin-off flick in which the baby-voiced little red monster slips through a rainbow-colored wormhole in Oscar's trash can home and lands in the green grumpy's native land.

The movie is a thinly veiled lesson about sharing and cooperation, and Elmo arrives in Grouchland in search of his missing blanket only to see it spirited away by a greedy ogre named Huxley -- played with fantastically theatrical, palm-rubbing aplomb by Broadway luminary Mandy Patinkin (best known to movie audiences as Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride"), who steals scenes while his character takes everything else.

Huxley is so mean that he flies around in a "cartoonishly evil vehicle" with a vacuum hose on the front, taking whatever he wants without asking and declaring "Mine! Mine! Mine!" in a tantrum-like fashion most parents and children will surely recognize.

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