Review of The Puzzle Album by Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro
The Puzzle
Album Review

Biffy Clyro The Puzzle Album

So, the eagerly awaited new offering from 'the Biffy' is upon us at last. Already much touted and hyped - does it actually live up to expectations?

Opener 'Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies' is roaring start, lent an air of grandiose sophistication by the addition of symphonic backing.

From this moment the rest of the album tugs and pulls at the listener, veering between Foo Fighters-esque material such as 'Semi-Mental' and 'Saturday Superhouse' to the more mellow strains found on 'As Dust Dances' and 'Love Has a Diameter'

Perhaps the biggest standout track on the album is 'The Conversation Is.' a beautiful jaunt through melody and passion, coupled with huge chorus hooks to lift the spirit.

Biffy Clyro have clearly stepped up the next level with this release, displaying a developed maturity in the songs, and evidencing concrete proof of their ability to work with subtle dynamics. This album really has a lot to offer, and despite a certain immediacy, it will surely be one that also grows with each listen. Superb.

Richard Edge

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