Review of An Ideal Height Reviewed 24.03.03 Single by Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

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Biffy Clyro - An Ideal Height (released 24.03.03) Reviewed
A band that cites Fugazi and Far as strong influences is always going to be a worrying proposition, but thankfully new single 'An Ideal Height' has more in common with their fellow Scots Idlewild. It is at the acceptably melodic end of the rock spectrum and has already received recognition by being selected as record of the week on Colin Murray's Radio 1 show (the one that used to be known as the Evening Session).

'An Ideal Height' is produced by Chris Sheldon who has worked with bands (Feeder, Foo Fighters, Idlewild) that have achieved considerable success making music that is in a similar to vein to Biffy Clyro. The single is taken from their debut album 'Blackened Sky'.

Biffy Clyro - An Ideal Height (released 24.03.03) Reviewed @

As soon as their touring commitments allow, Biffy will be back in the studio with Sheldon to finalise the follow up album.

Bassist James Johnston has previously expressed a dislike of single releases because they are a marketing rather than artistic tool. In order to salve their consciences he stated that the backing tracks to the single should be more than just fillers. The first supporting song is 'And With The Scissorkick Is Victorious', which begins with hardcore nonsense and screeching vocals before a dramatic shift to a more restrained tone and finally the song finds its feet with an amalgamation of both sounds. The other bonus track is a tender acoustic song 'Do You Remember What You Came For', which achieves Johnston's stated aim of making the single a worthy purchase in its own right.

Gavin Eves