Having successfully astounded viewers during the Super Bowl Halftime Show yesterday (February 4, 2013), Beyonce has announced a world tour, which she has entitled the Mrs Carter Show. Kicking off in April and running through to August, the show will see the former Destiny’s Child singer taking in tour dates in Europe and North America. The most interesting thing about the tour, though is that Bey has decided to use her married name (she’s married to Jay Z, just in case you’ve not been paying attention), Mrs Carter.

Known primarily just as Beyonce, but still commonly referred to using her maiden name, Beyonce Knowles, the Super Bowl champion (she was the real champion, right?) has opted to remind everyone that she’s not just Beyonce, the most desirable pop star on the planet right now, but she’s Beyonce, wife of Jay Z (the most desirable hip-hop star on the planet right now). To hammer the point home, Beyonce’s all made up in royal garb for the tour’s promotional images. They’re constantly referred to as music’s royal couple ad it looks as though Beyonce has decided to take that particular image and run with it.

One in the eye for the feminists perhaps, who may argue that she’s more than just ‘Mrs Carter’ and that married names are a jaded concept, anyway. Either way, it's been noted. But will it spar as much of a debate as the whole lip-syncing debacle.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles... or should we say Mrs Carter...?


Beyonce has released details of a 2013 World Tour, starting April