After Beyonce cancelled a tour date in Antwerp this Tueday, the rumours started swirling almost instantly. The biggest and most interesting one was probably that the “Bow Down/I Been On” singer was pregnant with her second child. However, Bey herself subsequently denied this. She also apologized to her Belgian fans in a handwritten note, apparently as a personal touch (though the fact that it was posted on her website makes the gesture a bit pointless.) In the note, Beyonce said: I’ve never postponed a show in my life. It was very hard for me. I promise I will make it up to you very soon.”

The causes that her publicist cited for the absence were those two mysterious celebrity ailments, dehydration and exhaustion. There was definitely no pregnancy mentioned in that statement. But the singer herself wrote in the note that she was “feeling much better now” and that she was “ready to give [her fans] a great show.”

Hopefully the singer really has recuperated and she’s ready to get back to touring with full force. Sadly, this probably means that Blue Ivy won’t be getting a baby brother or sister anytime soon, but hey, at least Beyonce will be able to finish the tour undisturbed, which is news her international fans should greatly enjoy.

Beyonce, Met Gala
Maybe it was just jettlag, after all, just last week Bey was attending the Met gala in NY.