Beyonce has been a busy B of late, what with gradually releasing singles off her fifth studio album and being in the midst of the Mrs Carter world tour, but she still managed to shoot an ad for H&M’s summer collection.

The triple S-filled, island-themed spot premieres Bey’s newest single Standing on the Sun and features the singer herself and a bunch of backup dancers frolicking in the sun, presumably on some island us commoners will never get to set foot on. But hey, if you’re looking for a little mood booster, or an injection of summer happiness, this video is sure to do it. Not only that, but you will get a preview of H&M’s new summer collection, due to hit stores next month. And ok, we know that’s the main idea of the ad, but nobody can honestly say that they would talk about bathing suits before Beyonce.

The bathing suits were pretty too, skimpy blue and black numbers and even a sporty one piece which Bey paired with a jet black hairdo. But the song seemed to be the centerpiece of the clip. Overall, the ad and the collection are devoted to water, blue hues and the sea. So, quite appropriately, H&M have announced that they will be donating a quarter of the profits from this swimwear collection to WaterAid – a charity dedicated to ensuring free access to clean water for underprivileged communities. Who knew you could fill your good deed quota for the day and look this hot while doing it. You can check out the ad, shot on the beautiful beach of Nassau in the Bahamas, below.