Beyoncé released three teaser clips on her Instagram account on Saturday (15th February) which shows her dressed as a cow girl and wielding a lasso in the video for her 'Drunk in Love' remix featuring Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian photographed in Paris during Fashion Week at the end of January.

It seems sex was most definitely on the brain when writing this song and making the video as the lyrics mention the sexual position the "reverse cowgirl" and, evidently in homage to this line, Beyonce appears in raunchy cowgirl mode wearing chaps, a white bra and knickers set, topped off with a jauntily angled Stetson. 

Watch the teaser for Beyonce Feat. Kanye West 'Drunk in Love' [N.B. contains explicit language]:

West cannot be seen in the clips but can certainly be heard and using explicit language which may well reference his fiancé, reality star Kim Kardashian. One of the verses included the line: "You will never need another love/cuz you a MILF and I'm a motherf****r', as the NY Daily News reports. There may also be references to oral sex within the full version of the song, as the same newspaper reports, with West romantically saying "I impregnated your mouth girl/that's when I know you could be my spouse, girl." 


This is not the first time Kardashian has inflenced West's music as she appeared in his music video for 'Bound 2'. He also references her appearance in his lyrics for 'Drunk in Love', in the lyric "If you ain't on sight, you on Skype/ I put you on a bike, you bound girl." 

However, despite the overtly sexual references, perhaps West does have something of a romantic streak if albeit a tasteless one. For Valentine's Day, Kardashian flew out to Baltimore where he was performing and he gave her what she claimed was a "1000 roses." Images of which the reality star could not help but post on Instagram.