Fan slaps Beyoncé!? An overly eager fan of Beyoncé entered the zone where so few of us tread but so many want to go; the group of people who can honestly say they've come in contact with the singer's world-renowned behind. At Bey's show in Copenhagen on Monday (May 27) night the lucky/stupid fan appears to slap the 'Bootylicious' singer right on the sweet spot, evoking an angry reaction from Bey.

Digital Spy first broke the story, that the male fan managed to cop a feel of Beyoncé's bum as the singer walked through the crowd singing 'Irreplaceable,' with a video of the event later appearing online. In the video, the singer can be seen reacting to the incident, turning around and scolding the man, telling him, "I will have you escorted out right now, alright?"

The singer is currently finishing up the European leg of her Mrs Carter Show world tour and is due to finish up with a few more dates in Scandinavia before heading to Antwerp, Belgium, and then back to the States. The singer will be heading back to the United Kingdom soon though, as she is headlining the Chime For Change charity gig at London's Twickenham Stadium on June 1.

Beyonce O2
Beyoncé has been on tour for about two months straight

Beyoncé has been on the road since April and finished off at the beginning of August, before heading out to Rio De Janeiro for what will probably be her last show in a while. In her time on the road the singer has been at it almost non-stop, bar one stop in Belgium which sparked a series of rumours about her being pregnant again. With such stress surrounding her on an everyday basis you can forgive her snappy response to the guy who felt her up, also the fact that a complete stranger touched her booty is enough to warrant an angry response. Now that everyone knows how easy it is to touch it, we think she may be cutting down on her trips through the audience.

Beyonce PUNK
Admit it, you wish you got to touch it