Even Beyonce’s harshest critics would have struggled to come up with a “yeah, but…” after hearing her explanation for why she chose to mime along to a backing track. Or rather, to sing along to a pre-recorded backing track, to be accurate. Beyonce Knowles explained to packed press conference, that she is a perfectionist, that the Presidential Inauguration was a hugely important and emotional day for her and that she had not been able to rehearse properly with the band. Add to that the weather and the scale of importance of the day and she decided to play it safe. Not because she can’t sing. But because she wanted everything to sound perfect.

Beyonce explained that she “did not feel comfortable taking a risk,” BBC News reports. As she addressed the hoards of press, ahead of her performance at this weekend’s Super Bowl (where she will provide the all-important half-time entertainment), her voice seemed to quaver as she took the time to justify an act that seems to have divided opinion over the days since it happened. Many were up in arms over the singer’s decision to play it safe. Others simply couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.

When she was asked whether or not she would be singing live at the Super Bowl, she was unequivocal in her answer. “I will absolutely be singing live. I am well-rehearsed.” Slapping the lectern in front of her, she said “this is what I was born to do. This is what I was born for.” Oh and for anyone still griping about the national anthem, she gave a rousing rendition of that, too. 

Watch Beyonce at the press conference