The birth of Beyonce and Jay Z's new child Blue Ivy has been largely responded to with great delight and euphoria from the famous couple's fans, friends and family, however, not everyone appears to be enthused by news of the newborn, with one church particularly scathing, according to

Though the pastor of holy building the Beulah Baptist Church in West End, North Carolina, insists that his church had had no part in it, someone's clearly making good use of the notice board outside with a prankster opting to alter the words to read "Beyonce Had Her Baby Satan Is On Earth."

Whoever the mystery vandal is, he can find a kinship in his inexplicable dislike for a child less than a week old in rapper 50 Cent, who began by posting his best to the new parents only to undermine that by Tweeting pictures of Blue Ivy with Jay Z's more aged face photoshopped over the top. "Yal play to much congratulations to Jayz and Beyonce BABY BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS," tweeted Fiddy, before showing the less than flattering edited pictures. The rapper's in an odd state of mind at the moment though in fairness, just last week he was on Twitter proclaiming that he couldn't see himself living for much longer.