Beyonce's team go to extreme lengths to make sure no-one leaks her music.

The 'Halo' singer's team make sure there is no trace of her having been in the studio when they finish each recording session with her.

UK singer Conor Maynard said: ''I've heard some mad stories. With Beyonce, I heard that with her people they'll make sure that there's no-one in the studio. They go into the studio, wipe it, set up one new session for her to record. Once she's finished recording they move it onto a hard drive. They wipe the studio computer again and then leave.''

In contrast, Conor said Canadian rapper Drake leaks his own material, but in a controlled way.

He added to BBC Newsbeat: ''There are some artists like Drake who leaks his own stuff to start a hype, a buzz. He'll leak tracks that aren't going to be used on the album. So people pay for it because they haven't heard it yet.''

Meanwhile, Tinie Tempah said he finds it ''an absolute pain'' to keep his own new tracks for second album 'Demonstration' under wraps, but understands why he has to go to such lengths.

He said: '' My sound engineer has a hard drive that's got a code on it and a physical lock. He locks it, then he puts a code on it and then we put it in a safe. You know, like a vault where you put jewellery in and stuff.

''Then he hides that safe and then he locks it away. We've been really anal with it all but hopefully it's going to be worth it.''