Beyonce Knowles' little sister SOLANGE has penned a new song to a dead friend, who was caught up in a drive-by shooting. The singer/actress re-connected with childhood pal Marsai just before the friend was killed. In fact, she enjoyed a magical night with the teenager before she lost her life. Solange recalls, "I met Marsai in the sixth grade at middle school and it was an evolving friendship and it's so strange because we were always friends, we always did sleepovers and girly stuff that middle schoolers do. "We lost contact, and then we got back in contact once I took a break from music and I stayed home and I didn't have any friends who were my age because I was always on tour. She came back into my life at such an important time and we were inseparable. "Every day, she was taking me to high school games and sort of reminding me that I was 16. For an entire year, we spent so much time together and I definitely think that God knows what he's doing, because it was no coincidence that we reconnected the last year of her life. "Actually, the night before she passed away she came to my house and we spent the night and we watched this movie about friendship. "She left and later on that day she was tragically hit by a stray bullet - someone was fighting in the parking lot. It was really hard for me because she had literally just left my house." Ironically, a week after the tragedy, Solange discovered she was pregnant with her first child, Daniel Julez. She's convinced the two events are linked. She explains, "I have a song on my new album, An Ode To Julez, and the very first line is, `They say when one life goes into another one...' And I have a tattoo of angel wings separately on each of my wrists and one is for the death of my friend and the other is for the life of my son. Solange's tribute to her dead pal, Marsai Song, will appear on her new album Hadley Street Dreams.