Beyonce and Jay Z were keen to ensure their first child, Blue Ivy, arrived in the world to the five-star luxury that they themselves are often used to. Though hospital staff have played down reports that the superstar couple rented out an entire floor of the medical facility, have obtained photographs of the VIP suite in which Beyonce gave birth.
The Lenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite purely for VIP's, which resembles a "Four Seasons penthouse". The room was used for the first time on Saturday (January 14, 2012) when Beyonce and Jay Z arrived at the hospital after weeks of speculation as to when the R&B superstar was to give birth. Photographs of the suite show that it contains four flat screen television, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, modern art, mahogany walls and luxury furnishings. There is also a separate bed, presumably on which music mogul Jay Z got some shut-eye during proceedings. Sources connected to the hospital say the suite was not constructed purely for Beyonce, but staff had always intended that the singer would be the first patient to use it. It is not clear how a patient is deemed worthy of giving birth in the VIP suite, or how much it costs to rent out. A report in the New York Post today (January 12, 2012) suggests the state Health Department has opened up a probe into the birth of Blue Ivy amid claims that the safety of other babies was put at risk by the attention placed upon the power couple. Health Department spokesman Michael Moran said, "We have gotten two complaints and we will investigate."
Though Beyonce is yet to break her silence on the birth, husband Jay Z released a new song 'Glory' on his official website, which made reference to his little girl.