DESTINY'S CHILD stunner Beyonce Knowles is dating badboy rapper 50 CENT.

The pair have secretly been an item since she split with Cent's hip-hop rival Jay-Z last month (MAR03), according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Pals say her close friendship to the IN DA CLUB rapper caused a rift which led to their split.

Beautiful Beyonce is well known for her clean-living and religious existence, whereas Cent has candidly spoken about his drug-dealing and violent past.

One pal says, "Beyonce may be a goody-goody but she can't get enough of 50 Cent.

"He's the hottest man in rap and his past doesn't seem to cause any problems between them.

"Beyonce and 50 Cent started dating after they worked together on a track and her relationship with Jay-Z ended pretty soon after that."