At only 31 years old, Beyonce is already having to stop and take a breather and look back at her illustrious career so far. However the breather won't be a long one as the diva is set to direct, produce and star in the nostalgic documentary chronicling her distinguished career so far.
According to LA Times, Mrs Jay Z and her agents at Icm have spending the past few weeks in varying Hollywood studios trying to see the rights to a nonfiction film about a celebrity's life and career.
Regardless of her age, Beyonce will still have more than her fair share of topics to discuss in the film, in fact she could fill the whole film with the events from the last 18 months, much like Katy Perry did with this summers Part of Me doc.
Over the relatively short period of time, the 'Irreplaceable' singer has released her new album, 4, ended her father's tenure as her manager and given birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, with husband Jay.
When the full-length doc is released then we can only imagine what other depths of her life it will delve into. However an insider has revealed that the movie will be a mixture of music, including concert footage, along with confessional interviews from the singer.