Carnival organisers in Essex were thrilled when Beyonce - the biggest R&B star on the planet - agreed to attend their event in the summer, though were left heartbroken after being told it would cost them £50,000.

Organisers of the Maldon Carnival Association in Essex had also approached Britney Spears and Rod Stewart, though the 31-year-old Super Bowl star was the only one to reply.

According to The Sun newspaper, the star's spokesman in New York emailed committee boss Rob Slight saying: "There is a possibility Beyonce will be available." Mr Slight no doubt fell off his chair at this point and began to put the booking into motion, only to be told by Bey's spokesman said: "It is apparent there is some miscommunication. Beyonce will require an appearance fee."  That fee was £50,000, leaving organisers a tad hacked off. "We had wanted this year to be the best yet," said Mr Slight.

Are you thinking what we're thinking? 

Sure £50,000 is a huge amount of money, but is REALLY that big considering you're attracting the world's biggest performer to a field in Essex? We suggest Mr Slight and his team rethink things, book Beyonce, and throw the biggest party of the year. They'd sell enough burgers and hot dogs to cover the cost of the next three festivals.

BeyonceThink Of The Benefits! We Think Beyonce Represents A Bargain At £50,000