We’d say that the latest Super Bowl promotional pictures of Beyonce dressed as an American Football referee were really ramping up the attention ahead of her half-time show performance this coming Sunday (February 3, 2013), but it’s not like she’s been keeping a low profile of late is it.

There’s still the question of her lip-syncing at the President Barack Obama inauguration last week – something we don’t really consider too shocking, but clearly everyone else does – and there were also the hints that a full scale Destiny’s Child reunion could occur during Knowles’ performance this weekend – something since widely reported as being denied by Michelle Williams.

Anyway, Beyonce has posted the picture of herself wearing thigh-high boots, black hot pants and a referee’s top over on her Tumblr; we’re pretty sure you’ve all already clicked over to there now off the back of that description, but in case you haven’t, there are other pictures on it which give an insight into her rehearsals and preparation for what is traditionally one of the most-scrutinized performances of an artist’s career. In and among the pictures is also a short Youtube video embed showing the star practicing the choreography for her performance in the gym with her backing dancers. Our personal thoughts? We reckon Beyonce’s got it in the bag, in spite of lip-sync gate.

Check out Beyonce performing 'Love On Top' live