There’s been plenty to delve into for those looking to piece together the pieces of what’s going to be a forthcoming Beyonce solo album later on this year, with various clips from apparent new tracks appearing at various points throughout the year. The latest one appeared during an advert for the Beyonce as Mrs. Carter summer range that Be’s released for H&M and is essentially a truncated music video, featuring as it does Mrs Carter cavorting around in a range of bikinis and swim wear while singing on the beach.

However, the important thing is that there’s also a hefty one minute 30 seconds of music previously unbeknownst to Beyonce fans, which suggests the song – which could be titled ‘Standing On The Sun’ – will be making its way out into the public at some point this year. Of the other new music that’s been seen from Beyonce this year, there was the 40 second clip of Grown Woman, in the singer’s recent Pepsi advert that she starred in, while she self-released ‘Bow Down / I Been On’.

Anticipating for a new Beyonce album is high, in spite of it being only two years since her 2011 LP 4. Compared to the time some of her pop contemporaries have been away for before returning this year, she’s positively prolific.