The only person not to have a say on the lip synching debacle that surrounded Beyonce's performance at President Obama's inauguration, was Beyonce. Now, she has spoken out about the whole thing, and opened up on her upcoming Superbowl gig, too. 

Beyonce gave an emphatic response to all of the lip-synching rumours that have been flying round recently. She belted out the national anthem before taking questions at the press conference. Of course, the first question was about the inauguration, to which Beyonce admitted that she "didn't have time" to rehearse properly. 

She said she was a "perfectionist" and that she practised until her feet bled, but due to the weather, and not wanting to take a risk on such an important night, she decided to sing along to the pre-record, insisting that it's " very common" in the business.

The questioning soon turned towards the Superbowl, but remained on lip-syncing. "I will absolutely be singing live," said Beyonce to a question as to whether she would. "This is what I was born to do," she added. 

Before Beyonce came out to address the packed press conference room, a group of NFL players gave an insight in to their favourite Beyonce songs; a nice jovial beginning to proceedings indeed.