Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Beyonce Knowles fears pop superstar Prince will never want to work with her again after she turned their duet at the 2004 Grammy Awards into "the Sasha Show." The singer watched footage of her show-stopping performance with one of her heroes months after they teamed up to open the Grammys with a medley of hits - and she was horrified to see her alter-ego on the stage. Knowles claims she has a concert-stealing diva, called Sasha, who often takes over from her when she's performing live. She says, "I saw that I didn't even give him (Prince) the mic. It was supposed to be in the middle, not in front of my mouth. Sasha just took over." Quirky Knowles insists she has been able to control Sasha's antics for a long time but fears her fans will often see another Beyonce on stage now she's a solo artist. She adds, "I just know when to be quiet and let other people shine... (In the past) I didn't think it was appropriate to let Sasha out."

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