Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have decided to basically make all our female-driven hip hop music dreams come true and collaborated on a Remix of Flawless (all capitals were necessary). As a personal note, please never stop with the surprise releases, Mrs Carter, we’re all loving it way too much. The updated Flawless mix features a verse from Nicki, wherein she kills it, in case you were wondering. The track was released via Yonce’s website, and Bey/Nicki fans everywhere are currently busy losing their… well, you know.

Beyonce has a knack for surprise releases.


Queens as they are, they could have kept it a lighter on the autotune – it’s not like Yonce’s voice needs it – but Nicki’s verse is pretty boss. Oh and there’s that one line in Beyonce’s verse. Keen ears would have already caught it, but for those who haven’t, Beyonce sings: “Of course sometimes s--- goes down/when there’s a billion dollars on that elevator.”

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Is she talking about what we think she’s talking about? That’s probably the last maybe-sort-of comment we’ll get on the whole Solange/Jay Z elevator story and it’s more than enough, tbf.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj - this is how you rule the world, basically.


Last weekend Nicki announced she’d be pushing the release of her upcoming single Anaconda back to this Monday saying we’d soon find out “why.” So this is why. Yep. Worth it. Of course, Anaconda is still a BIG deal, but this should tide us over until Monday. For all your world-conquering playlist needs, check out the new Flawless

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See what we mean? You see what we mean.