Beyonce really is the Queen B. The artwork released ahead of her tour sees her in gilded and jewelled corset, and wearing a tilted crown. Not only just she look the part, but tickets for her tour also sold out within 12 minutes when they went on general release on Friday. O2 had to apologise for the enormously fast sales which left thousands of fans unable to go. 

Beyonce Knowles at HBO

Beyonce Knowles at the Life is But a Dream premiere

The Single Ladies singer will be performing 11 shows in the UK which is a lot more than many international artists. Tickets went on sale at 9:30am on Friday and by 9:42, as the Daily Mail report, Ticketmaster has to leave a message informing fans that all tickets were gone: "And we're out - All dates for @Beyonce now sold out. Very few tickets were made available for today's general sale after busy pre-sales."

Fans without tickets hoping to go will have to splash the cash to catch Bey live. The Mail reported that not long after tickets appeared on ebay, with a set of 6 going for £2,000. However, now that a couple of days have passed the average price on the auction site is around £150 per ticket, with sets of two going for £300.

Beyonce at Glastonbury 2011

Beyonce's 2011 Glastonbury performance proved her work in the UK

Ticketmaster have said that they did what they could to ensure that true fans got the tickets, "Unfortunately, high fan demand also means high interest from organised ticket resellers, who will use automated programmes to try and secure significant numbers of tickets. We successfully thwarted over 1800 of ticket requests from BOTS today as is typical with popular onsales," they said. Adding some advice for those who will try buying tickets elsewhere: "[F]ans should... take caution before purchasing... If fans are choosing to purchase tickets available through resale sites, they should look to recognisable ticket resale marketplaces that offer a money back guarantee, so if the tickets are not delivered fans can get their money back." (Metro)