Singer Beyoncé has demonstrated her support for the survivors of the abominable Boston bombing by spending time with three ladies. It was the day that saw horrific events; the kind that no one would ever wish to happen again. On April 15th two bombs were set off on the streets of Boston during the world-famous marathon, killing some and injuring many runners who'd invested months into raising money, making their legs strong enough to be able to complete the 26 miles circuit, and researching the very best gear that would help them get round the course most efficiently.

Beyoncé: Lady Of The People.

The aftermath was as saddening as the explosions; heartbroken families buried the three people who were killed and the 264 others who were injured had to try to live normal lives. There were many amputations after the attack, thought to be because the bombs were detonated low to the ground and those who lost arms or legs had to be rehabilitated by learning to walk again, adjusting their lives to fit around their disability. Supporters from across the world rallied for the survivors, donating money for surgery or offering kind words of support.

Beyoncé Reached Out To Offer Support To Three Of Those Who Were Injured By The Boston Bombs.

R&B superstar Beyoncé , whilst in the midst of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, met Mery Daniel, Adrianne Haslet and Heather Abbott at TD Garden before her concert in Boston - all three of whom had lost a leg in the attack, reports ABC News. Despite the terrifying ordeal the women had faced, they were all smiles as they met the 'Halo' singer, chatted for a while and posed together for photographs. Heather Abbott spoke of her injuries with incredible clarity of mind only days after the difficult decision to have her leg amputated below the knee: "If someone had told me I would have half a leg basically at the age of 38 before this happened, I think I would never have believed it," she said. "I think I would have been devastated and I really haven't had a moment yet of being devastated because I've gotten so much support. It is a life-altering experience."