With the weeks going by, the cast of Jon Favreau's upcoming 'The Lion King' live action adaptation seems to be coming together, but there are still big questions surrounding exactly who'll be filling in to voice Nala. Now rumours of Beyonce taking on the role could be coming a reality, with the singer also said to be in serious discussions to produce the soundtrack for the film.

Could Beyonce join the cast of the new 'Lion King'?Could Beyonce join the cast of the new 'Lion King'?

As Simba's friend throughout his younger years and his eventual life partner, Nala is one of the biggest roles for the movie and would certainly be one of the biggest movie snags for Beyonce, who is no stranger to the world of big Hollywood flicks.

Now, in a report that reveals Alfre Woodward has signed up to voice Simba's mother, the lioness Sarabi, The Tracking Board claim that Beyonce's role within 'The Lion King' could be one of the greatest. The film's soundtrack is of course one of the most important things, as the remake looks to bring back all of the classics, as well as some brand new songs to entertain those watching.

Apparently, the only reason the deal for Beyonce voicing Nala hasn't yet been signed is because of how intricate and complicated the negotiations surrounding the soundtrack are. The multi-Grammy Award winner would of course be a brilliant catch for the film, and would fill the space left by Sir Elton John, who curated the music for the original Disney flick.

Following on from the success of live takes on the likes of 'The Jungle Book' and this year's hugely successful 'Beauty and the Beast', there are some big expectations surrounding 'The Lion King'. This was only elevated following the D23 Convention earlier this year, where audiences were treated to the 'Circle of Life' opener.

The movie is going to be successful with or without Beyonce, that's for sure, but it would certainly raise hype to a whole other level if the singer jumped on board. We can't wait to see the rest of the cast flesh out in the coming months.

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'The Lion King' is currently set to be released on July 19, 2019.