A very broody Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z look as though they are already considering adding to their family, with the New York Post recently revealing that the singer is already pregnant with her and Jay's second child. The paper cites numerous sources confirming that the singer is indeed pregnant already, although this has not yet been confirmed by Beyonce or Jay.

The New York Post today (May 13) said that the singer was spotted during the star-studded Met Gala in NYC last week - where they acquired their information - wearing a Givenchy gown with a high, belted waist; something that would cover up an emerging baby bump relatively well. Unfortunately for Bey though, a string of photos from her recent tour dates show a camouflage-less belly with what could very well be a burgeoning baby bump.

Beyoncé in what could be a very cunningly chosen dress at the Met Gala

She and Jay Z already have a daughter together, 15 month old Blue Ivy, but Beyoncé has since indicated that she is already in the mood for more children. In January this year the singer appeared on Good Morning America, revealing that she is already thinking of adding to her family, but failed to mention when she was considering doing so. She said, “I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister.”

The singer is currently on a world tour that runs until August 5 and given that she has not been responding to any of the questions into her pregnancy since the rumour spread, then the singer may be waiting until her tour is over before adding to her family (which is probably the best idea anyway). Then again, the singer never confirmed nor denied her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, instead waiting to unveil her bump on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Music Awards. Maybe this time we'll find out when she walks triumphantly on stage looking ready to pop, which would be entertaining.

Beyoncé looked bump-free during a recent UK show