Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are installing a mega nursery for their baby.

The 30-year-old singer and her rapper husband - who are expecting their first child together in February - are thought to be preparing a 2,200 square feet room for their little one to live in at their New York City apartment.

A source told Us Weekly their home "will have a nursery that is 2,200 square feet".

But some of the couple's friends are not too keen about the idea of creating such a big space for their tot to play in.

The insider added: "Some people are like, 'Won't you be scared to leave your baby in that huge room?' "

Beyonce has no concerns about her forthcoming step into motherhood and she recently revealed her pregnancy is "going really well".

She explained: "It's going really well, I am so happy with everything right now.

"I am not nervous because I know it's happening at the right time. I felt I got married at the right time for me, and now we are having the baby at the right time. I feel like we didn't rush anything, and now we are being blessed with everything naturally."