If Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t enough proof that you can have it all, then nothing is. While both are touring and promoting their respective albums at the moment, there’s always time for a tender moment here and there. Take Beyonce’s concert in Philadelphia, for example.

Beyonce, Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally
The singer has the best of both worlds.

While the singer was finishing up the show and introducing the people, who made it all possible – dancers, crew et al. – her fella rushed out on stage and stole a kiss mid-show. It was over just as fast as it began, as Jay-Z ran back offstage. The entire scene lasted no more than a few seconds, but it was enough to send the audience into a frenzy of excitement. The cellphone recordings from the concert crack and pop with the crow’s roar and there isn’t a steady hand in sight.

Jay Z, Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally
Jay Z and Blue Ivy have reportedly joined Bey on several tour dates.

And who can blame them. Spontaneous PDAs are usually a crowd pleaser, but when it’s the first couple of music, well, that just takes it to a whole other level. You have to wonder how the two manage to keep things as exciting as they do though, what with both of them currently traveling the country in opposite directions. Apparently the two literally met in the middle (of their tour schedules) and Jay just couldn’t let the moment go to waste. Beyonce later shared some pictures from the evening on her Tumblr page (sidenote: you should follow Beyonce’s Tumblr; it will improve your life immensely). Her tour is going to continue along the East Coast, with dates in Atlantic City, Washington and New York still to follow.

Beyonce, Chime for Change
Beyonce is actively having it all.