Imagine getting your hair stuck in a fan. Has to be one of the worst things ever, right?

Now, imagine being Beyonce - the most famous singer on the planet - and getting your hair stuck in a big industrial on-stage fan while you're trying to sing a song that requires some pretty tricky vocal techniques.

Well, it's exactly what happened to Bey as she performed 'Halo' in Montreal this week.

After accidentally getting her hair tangled up in the fan, crew members scrambled to Beyonce's aid to try and free the singer mid song. It's worth noting here that the R&B superstar never missed a beat of the song while half her head was in a fan.

Eventually, someone with a pair of scissors managed to cut Beyonce free and the performance continued incident free. After the show, the singer posted a note to fans explaining what happened on-stage, "I felt my hair was yankin, from the fan that's always hatin," she wrote.

Watch Beyonce getting her hair trapped in a fan:

It's been an incident packed week on Beyonce's Mrs Carter tour, with a fan fainting last week after the singer grabbed his hand. The guy started convulsing before finally succumbing to the excitement and hitting the arena floor, hard.

To Beyonce's credit she noticed the emergency and leapt into the.

Actually, she didn't even see the guy get swallowed up by the crowd and carried on regardless.

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