Imagine for a minute, that you were a really really big Beyonce fan. Imagine you were in the front row for one of her concerts and, suddenly, she walked over to you, held your hand and gave you a great big hug. Would be pretty cool, right? You'd smile, you'd hope your friends took a really nice picture for Instagram. Or mayve you'd do what this guy did.

One lucky member of Beyonce's enthusiastic crowd at a recent stop of her Mrs Carter tour FLIPPED OUT when the R&B superstar embraced. He sort of starting shaking a bit. Then he start wobbling a little more. Then he started punching the air - looking up to the heavens and generally thanking God for what was happening to him. 

When Beyonce gave him a huge hug, the guy's nervous system shut down completely, sending him to the cold hard arena floor. The best bit about the whole thing is that Bey walks off about half a second before the guy disappears into the swelling crowd. Possible never to be seen again. 

Hey at least the guy actually got involved, unlike Princess Eugenie who refused to sing "to the left, to the left," when prompted by Beyonce at her O2 Arena show.

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