Beyonce and her management team couldn't have been any sneakier about her new Visual album, dropping a whole record with fourteen accompanying videos right before Christmas. The album, which includes collaborations with the likes of Frank Ocean, Drake and of course Jay Z, didn't drop even the slightest hint prior to the actual release - it's the kind of record industry hijacking that only Beyonce could get away with.

Beyonce Promo Image
Bey released a new album without any warning. Of course she did.

The holiday season isn't typically a busy time for the music industry - with Christmas singles released and assigned their respecive chart positions, yearly industry takings calculated and online traffic dying down, nobody dares to mess with the status quo and release new music in the last two weeks of the year. Nobody except Queen Bey, that is.

Beyonce, Haunted Promo image
Queen Bey keeps proving she can do whatever she likes.

In light of Beyonce's move to just drop an album and say "surprise", this might be a good time to take a look back at some of this year's most promoted comebacks and new releases - there were plenty of those to go around.