We may finally be coming to an end of the Beyonce lip-synching scandal after a couple days of conflicting stories. Finally, an Inaugural official has confirmed that the singer didn't sing at all.

"She did not sing live," the official, who, probably wisely decided to stay incognito, told CNN. A statement from a member of the U.S. Marine Band had previously stated that Beyonce didn't have enough time to rehearse with the band, and so the decision was made to go with a prerecord, rather than risk it. "Because she didn't have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band," the official added. "It was all Beyonce." Not doubting her ability, though, the official also added that they were somewhat puzzled by Beyonce's decision, stating that "she was spot on" when she made the prerecord, and that "She's actually a very good live singer." Beyonce herself is yet to comment on the speculation. 

The confusion started when the statement was changed. It had previously read: "Each piece of music scheduled for performance in the Inauguration is pre-recorded for use in case of freezing temperatures, equipment failure, or extenuating circumstances. Regarding Ms Knowles-Carter's vocal performance, no-one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded."