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@Warrenvolkwyn: First of all, "y'all" is not a word and it is not recognized as part of the English language, so stop using it! It is obvious what part of the country you come from! Secondly, maybe the two of you can sit down and watch what is done to these animals who have the fur torn from their bodies all for the sake of some egomaniac like Beyonce! These animals are tortured in the most inhumane way possible right before they are bruttaly killed for THEIR fur. Did you know some of these animals are skinned while they are still alive and some even have rods stuck in their rectums and are electrocuted? These are just a few examples of how animals are killed. Keep those visions in your head and may they never leave your pea brain. Beyonce should know better but it is obvious with all her millions she can't by a bigger brain or class. If nature intened people who think wearing fur is a status symbol, they would have been born with one. Shame on you and shame on this over rated singer.

Posted 3 years 2 weeks ago by Shellie20

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Seriously?! Now it's her outfit... What next? Her weave? Her nail polish? Her shoes?.. Please give this "Beyonce Inauguration" a rest. She's an AMAZING performer who SANG the national anthem (using a backtrack)... I wonder what ya'll would do if you had to sing live, to 500 000+, OUTSIDE, in the COLD... We all know that she CAN sing... So using a backtrack is really insignificant. @Beyonce IS the most amazing LIVE performer of our generation. Just because she's had an untainted rep, don't now want to look for dirt... there ain't NONE! #BEYHIVE

Posted 3 years 2 weeks ago by warrenvolkwyn

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