Beyonce ranks the video she shot with Lady GaGa for their hit Telephone as one of the most memorable promos of her solo career, even though the Poker Face star recently admitted she hated the footage.
The Paparazzi hitmaker reached out to Beyonce to record the track and the two stars filmed an elaborate Pulp Fiction-themed video, which featured Beyonce bailing Gaga out of prison. The promo became an internet hit upon its release, but last month (May11), Gaga insisted she could no longer bring herself to watch it.
She said, "I can't even watch the Telephone video, I hate it so much... Beyonce and I are great together. But there are so many f**king ideas in that video and all I see in that video is my brain throbbing with ideas and I wish I had edited myself a little bit more."
But Beyonce has brushed off Gaga's self-criticism and has placed the video among her top five in a new W magazine interview.
She tells the publication, "Gaga is my girl! I'm her biggest fan. When I first saw her perform, I actually called her and said, 'You are great!' That was before her popularity hit, and we had natural connection. Later, she asked me to do her video, and I said, 'I trust you, Gaga. I'll do whatever you want me to do.'
"I played a bad, bad girl. When I put on the Bettie Page wig, I got into character. I started researching Bettie Page and tried to channel her pin-ups and poses.
"The video ended up being very much like Quentin Tarantino's movies. He gave us his blessing, even loaned us the car with Pussy Wagon written on the side from Kill Bill."
But Beyonce admits the final touch to the video did not sit well with her stylist mother, Tina Knowles: "My mum said, 'Do you have to use that car?'"