Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles hates the word bootylicious - despite creating the term herself in her hit song of the same name.

The 22-year-old Destiny's Child frontwoman admits she's grown tried of all the booty-influenced references she inspired with her 2001 track BOOTYLICIOUS.

She says, "It's really silly. I wrote a song called Bootylicious, maybe three years ago. And now the word is in the dictionary. To be honest, I hate the word."

The CRAZY IN LOVE singer wants the rest of the world to move on - just as she has.

She explains, "I'm getting older. I want my style to reflect that.

"I'm glad I wrote it. It's a fun song. It's just a word, like someone is feeling confident. I wrote it because I was gaining weight, and I felt for all the people that feel like I do right now, I'm going to write this song and make people proud of their curves.

"But now everywhere I go, everybody is saying, 'booty-this' and 'booty-that' and it's really irritating."

19/09/2003 13:52