Blue Ivy Carter was in danger of slipping out of the news this week, the new born daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z may only be a few weeks old but she's become accustomed to featuring heavily in the gossip pages, not to mention being a Billboard chart success. With a quiet few days last week, it was just the right time then for Jay and his wife to make pictures available for the first time of Carter junior, doing so on a Tumblr account set up especially and titled

Five photographs have been shown of the baby who was born on January 7th with text on the page reading "We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives. The Carter Family." There's a picture each showing Beyonce and Jay Z respectively holding Blue, the former still looking unbelievably glamorous despite the recent labour, while there's also two close-ups of the child herself looking understandably bewildered at the outside world.

It's lovely to see real pictures of Blue Ivy emerge on the internet; some of you may recall that last month the rapper 50 Cent posted his own pictures that he said were of the child, only for them to be mocked up images of a baby with Jay Z's face photo-shopped on the head.