With the first anniversay of her birth coming up, Beyoncé and Jay Z are pulling out all the stops to ensure that baby Blue Ivy has a birthday she is sure to remember - which she probably won't anyway, given that she's only one.

The power duo spent $80,000, which comes to around £50,000, on a Barbie doll as a present for the tike, but this is (as you'd expect) no ordinary Barbie doll. According to The Sun, the proud parents apparently forked out the huge sum for a one of a kind, specially customised doll complete with 160 diamonds and white gold jewellery.

If that wasn't enough, Blue Ivy will also be treated to a birthday party in New York, with the bill for the whole shindig coming close to what her parents spent on her present. As well as a centre-piece cake that cost £1,500, the princess-themed party was decorated with an estimated £60,000 worth of pink and white roses, with close to £20,000 being spent on activities for the invited guests.

At this point, everyone must surely be thinking "but she's only one years old, what's the point?"  And frankly we agree. But what we should really be asking ourselves is: "How will they top this do next year?"