Beyonce has again hit out at claims that she faked her pregnancy, and has gone on to suggest that there's a chance that she and husband Jay Z could have a Christmas baby in a video that's recently surfaced online.
NME reports that the clip, apparently from September 23rd shows Beyonce holding a copy of the Daily News and saying "Hello, it's Sept. 23. Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! This was on the cover of the Daily News." This was in response to reports that that she'd been faking her pregnancy following her considerably flat-bellied appearance at this summer's Glastonbury Festival in the UK. The 30 year-old went on to say, "Right now I'm actually shooting the video for 'Countdown' and I'm six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits," going on to add "But thank god you can't really tell from the front, but when I turn to the side... oh baby! Oh baby!"
Excited journalists have worked out that if the 'Single Ladies' star was six months pregnant in September, then it can rightly be expected that she'll have given birth by the end of 2011, possibly leading to a Christmas birth. Earlier this month Jay Z had professed his confidence at how he would take to fatherhood, citing his own Dad as inspiration to MTV, "My dad was such a good dad that when he left, he left a huge scar. He was my superhero."