Bette Midler has spied two birds having sex on her window sill.

The comedienne-and-actress was startled to see the winged creatures mating outside her home but was relieved when she discovered they were practising safe sex.

She told her Twitter followers: ''Spring is in the air. I know because the birds are having sex on my window sill.''

Not one to pass up an opportunity to tell a joke, the funnywoman quipped: ''I never saw such tiny condoms.''

The 67-year-old star also made fun of herself with a tweet about the state of her less than pert breasts.

She tweeted: ''Spring is in the air, but with my breasts, it's eternally Fall.''

Bette - who has starred in films such as 'First Wives Club', appeared on stage and sang the hit song 'Wind Beneath My Wings' - is set to return to Broadway after 30 years in April, starring in a one-woman show as Hollywood agent Sue Mengers, who represented stars such as Barbra Streisand and Burt Reynolds.

Bette previously said: ''She was not a star in the conventional sense, but in her world she was a star.

''She was kicked to the curb, but she did not compromise. She did what the f**k she wanted to do. I wish I had those balls.''