For the record: I support the repeal of the personal income tax wholeheartedly. Also for the record: I do not support refusing to pay your taxes, then after it is reposessed by IRS and auctioned off to another family, occupying your former house and refusing to leave.

Robbie Leppzer's documentary looks at a fascinating section of freak-ass America ("tax refusers"), but he's so overwhelmingly sympathetic to them (even though they sadly jam on bongo drums) that his documentary suffers to an extreme. "Protagonists" Randy Kehler and Betsy Corner are portrayed so sympathetically that it's hard to dislike them, but their politics are simply wrong -- and Leppzer does his film a disservice by giving them free rein to pontificate (while portraying the family than ends up in the Kehler-Corner house as hicks). This isn't a documentary, it's a propaganda film.

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