In examining a woman's affair with her husband's brother, the Argentine import La Mujer de Mi Hermano makes the illicit out to be as passionate and sinful as a visit to the dentist. Lack of sexiness aside, the movie has an impersonal bedside manner, as if it's afraid to provoke any fiery feelings. That's not good. A movie featuring extramarital lust, jealousy, and domestic secrets should not make married audience members feel their lives are more volatile by comparison.

The marriage of Ignacio (Christian Meier) and Zoe (the stunning Bárbara Mori) is on the rocks even before she takes up with Ignacio's younger brother, Gonzalo (Manolo Cardona), a scruffy, laid-back painter who is the complete opposite of his corporate, uptight sibling. On top of Ignacio and Zoe's baby problems -- they can't conceive and she refuses to adopt--the passion has all but left their 10-year-old marriage. Ignacio insists on having sex only on Saturday, and their house has all the warmth of a Sharper Image catalogue. Gonzalo, with his rumpled attire and lean build, is a tempting alternative. Zoe goes to him first as a confidante, then as a lover, which forces the three principals to reexamine their relationships with each other.

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