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In a way it's an enormous compliment to Michael that everyone is always trying to find the next MJ. He is the epitome, the zenith, the best there ever was, the standard by which all others are judged, the bar of excellence all are trying to achieve. However, it will never happen. There will never be another. Give it up world. We had it once; we will never have it again...

Posted 3 years 1 week ago by corlista

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This will NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!! I'm surprized at Berry Gordy for attempting this crap. We have enough problems with all the others who all want so badly to be just like Mike or to be the next Michael Jackson like Chris Brown, Justin Beiber or Usher, Neyo etc.. Everytime I watch any of their videos, Michael's signature moves are all over their performances. The time has come to hang up Michael's jersey and let the next entertainer be who they are and STOP TRYING TO FIND THE "NEXT" MICHAEL JACKSON, BECAUSE THERE WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ONLY ONE and although he is in heaven now, in our hearts his music and his ora will be with us forever!

Posted 3 years 1 week ago by YANNI54

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Barry Gordy will never find what he is looking for. He ought to be ashamed of saying he is looking for a "new Michael Jackson", never will it happen, not in this lifetime, not ever. There is and always will be only one Michael Jackson and thanks to "poor me" Conrad Murray his (Michael's) family, friends and fans longer have him here with us.

Posted 3 years 1 week ago by Kimber

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