Late comedian Bernie Mac left SAMUEL L. JACKSON with a painful memory he will never forget - the funnyman accidentally struck him with a golf ball during a game.
The stand-up comic challenged the Hollywood star to a friendly match while Jackson was filming The Negotiator in MAC's native Chicago, Illinois.
After teeing off, Jackson was too impatient to wait for his pal to finish his swing - and headed off up the fairway.
But he was sent sprawling to the ground when MAC played his shot and the ball slammed into Jackson's back.
The actor admits the blunder could have cost him his life - but the incident still makes him chuckle.
He says, "I was walking to my ball and I felt this searing pain in my back. It sounded like a gunshot... I realised was on my knees trying to figure out what had happened.
"All I could hear from him was this laughter. He walked up to me and he said, 'You shouldn't have been in front of me like that!'. But he never said he was sorry for hitting me."
MAC died aged 50 in August 2008 of complications due to pneumonia.