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Bratt Plays Water Sounds To Calm Son Down

19th October 2005

BENJAMIN BRATT and his wife TALISA SOTO have found a way to keep their newborn son MATEO quiet when he starts fidgeting - they play recorded sounds of gushing water for him. The PINERO...

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Bratt: 'I Am Sam'

19th October 2005

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT had a confused childhood, because thought his name was SAM until he was nine years old. The TRAFFIC star insisted that all of his friends and relatives call him Sam after...

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Bratt And Wife Have Baby Boy

7th October 2005

Hollywood actor BENJAMIN BRATT is celebrating the birth of his second child after his wife TALISA SOTO gave birth to a baby boy on Monday (03OCT05). MATEO BRAVERY BRATT was born in Los Angeles,...

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Bratt Keeping Baby Secret

9th August 2005

BENJAMIN BRATT knows the sex of his unborn second child with wife TALISA SOTO, but they are keeping it a secret from the world. The actor insists everyone will have to wait until the...

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Bratt Annoyed By Two Year Delay

9th August 2005

BENJAMIN BRATT has accused Hollywood of being too politically correct after holding up the release of his new movie THE GREAT RAID for two years. Bratt suspects the start of the war in Iraq...

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Bratt + Cromwell Headline Tribal Gathering

18th May 2005

BENJAMIN BRATT and BABE star JAMES CROMWELL are among the celebrities set to attend Friday's (20MAY05) annual gathering of the Native American tribes in California. The actors will join Native American movie...

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Mcdermott Expecting Second Child

22nd April 2005

Actor DYLAN McDERMOTT and his wife SHIVA ROSE have become the latest celebrity couple to announce they're expecting a child. The screen stars, who have been married for 10 years, will welcome a sibling...

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Bratt And Wife Expecting Second Child

21st April 2005

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT and his wife, TALISA, have announced they will become parents for a second time this autumn (05). The couple, who were married in April 2002, made the announcement in a joint...

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British Actor Lands Basic Role Opposite Stone

8th January 2005

Hollywood actress SHARON STONE has finally landed a co-star for the upcoming BASIC INSTINCT sequel - British actor DAVID MORRISSEY. According to trade publication THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Morrissey is set to play a psychiatrist...

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Madonna Gives Roberts Media Advice

19th December 2004

MADONNA rushed to help her showbiz pal JULIA ROBERTS when she learned the actress was pregnant, giving her advice on avoiding unwanted media attention. The LIKE A VIRGIN singer warned the PRETTY WOMAN actress...

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Martin Holds Off Affleck In Charity Meal Auction

6th October 2004

Latin singer RICKY MARTIN has beaten off competition from celebrities including BEN AFFLECK and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in an online auction, after a fan bid $48,200 (GBP26,780) to have dinner with him. One wealthy bidder...

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Affleck Auctions Dinner Date

23rd September 2004

BEN AFFLECK is among a list of stars offering fans the chance to dine with him - as long as they make a huge charity donation. The Hollywood hunk will take a fan and...

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Banderas And Griffith 'Most Devoted' Couple

10th September 2004

ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH's successful romance has earned them the title of the most devoted couple in Hollywood. The screen stars have been married since 1996. And, although they hit a rough patch...

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Roberts Plans Movie Break

24th August 2004

OSCAR-winner JULIA ROBERTS has finally broken her silence over her pregnancy - and revealed she is taking a break from her acting career to be a mother. The ERIN BROCKOVICH star has just finished...

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Bratt Slams Roberts' 'Unbearable Ego'

20th August 2004

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT was horrified by the effect fame had on his former lover, superstar JULIA ROBERTS. The 40-year-old actor dated the PRETTY WOMAN star for four years until June 2001, but left her...

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Stone 'Refuses To Stay' At Catwoman Hotel

4th August 2004

SHARON STONE has reportedly fallen out with her CATWOMAN co-stars, including HALLE BERRY- following the blonde star's demands for preferential treatment during the film's London press junket. The BASIC INSTINCT actress, 46, allegedly demanded...

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Stone Blames Berry For Catwoman Flop

29th July 2004

Movie villainess SHARON STONE has blamed her CATWOMAN co-star HALLE BERRY for the film's bad reviews from critics in America. The cartoon adaptation has clearly failed to impress audiences in the US, despite it's...

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Bratt Plans For More Kids

26th July 2004

Movie hunk BENJAMIN BRATT can't wait to add a second and third child to his family - because his first experience as a dad has been nothing but joyous. The CATWOMAN actor and his...

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Bratt Recalls Malden Snub

25th July 2004

MISS CONGENIALITY star BENJAMIN BRATT is hoping he'll one day get his screen hero KARL MALDEN's autograph, after being snubbed by the actor - twice. Bratt admits he's still scarred by his first meeting...

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Bratt Keeps Wife Covered At Premiere

22nd July 2004

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT was given a lot of extra work at the premiere of his new movie CATWOMAN - keeping his wife TALISA SOTO from bursting out her dress and exposing herself. The couple...

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Bratt Has No Plans To Take Back Basic Instinct 2 Role

21st July 2004

BENJAMIN BRATT plans to turn down the chance to take back his role in the BASIC INSTINCT sequel if bosses offer it to him, after his CATWOMAN co-star SHARON STONE initially rejected him. Progress...

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Bratt Red-faced After Pregnancy Test Trip

21st July 2004

Hollywood actor BENJAMIN BRATT has opted to be more discrete when he shops for personal items, after an embarrassing trip to pick up an early pregnancy test. The ex-boyfriend of JULIA ROBERTS, now married...

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Madonna's On-set Strife

17th June 2004

MADONNA is a difficult actress who refuses to take direction, according to late movie maker JOHN SCHLESINGER, In a new biography of the OSCAR-winning director - who died last year (03) - Schlesinger reveals...

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Stone Takes Producers To Court

16th June 2004

SHARON STONE is heading to a Los Angeles court to fight for lost cash she claims she's owed after producers of a BASIC INSTINCT sequel scrapped the project. Stone claims she's owed more than...

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Bratt Slams Troy Casting Agents

14th June 2004

Acting hunk BENJAMIN BRATT has slammed the decision to cast predominately white actors in epic blockbuster TROY - revealing he was turned down for a role because of his skin colour. The 40-year-old was...

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Garcia Hunts For Fidel

26th May 2004

OCEAN'S ELEVEN star ANDY GARCIA is on the hunt for a FIDEL CASTRO lookalike to star in his new movie about his native Cuba in the 1950s. Garcia will star and make his directing...

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Berry: I'll Be An Unmarried Mum By The Time I'm 40

26th May 2004

Movie star HALLE BERRY has made two promises to pal OPRAH WINFREY - she'll be a mum by the time she's 40 and she'll never wed again. The OSCAR winner appeared on Oprah's daytime...

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Starry End For Frasier

14th May 2004

Long-running American sitcom FRASIER went out in style last night (13MAY04) with a show of stars. The regular cast was joined by ROBBIE COLTRANE, RICHARD E GRANT, LAURA LINNEY, WENDY MALLICK, JENNIFER BEALS and...

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Soderbergh Takes Over Che Movie

2nd April 2004

TRAFFIC OSCAR-winner BENICIO DEL TORO and director STEVEN SODERBERGH have teamed up again on a new biopic about Cuban revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. The movie maker will replace TERRENCE MALICK as the project's director....

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Che Guevara Project Put On Sudden Hold

9th March 2004

A planned biopic on Cuban revolutionary CHE GUEVARA starring BENICIO DEL TORO has been shelved - after the film's director decided to work on a film starring COLIN FARRELL first. Film-maker TERRENCE MALICK has...

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