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"The Fifth Estate" is based in part on Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s "Inside WikiLeaks." It presents Domscheit-Berg as a hero for standing up to Assange. Here he is in his own words: 
Along with trying to found a global anti-censorship movement, I had assigned myself another job, perhaps the toughest of my life. I had gotten t-shirts printed with the WL logo...because I wanted to save two cents per t-shirt, I'd ordered them in white...Who buys white t-shirts? Especially in a social clique where black t-shirts are something of a dress code. I myself had never worn a white t-shirt in my entire life! Now I was sitting on 250 shirts...I literally had to stop people in their tracks as they were passing our stand and beg them to trade €5 from their wallets for a t-shirt. Julian preferred to engage potential customers in deep conversations about the state of the world. He stood there talking and talking, occasionally getting into an argument, until no one was thinking about t-shirts anymore... 
(I had) the idea to have the WL hourglass tattooed on my back...I needed two Tylenol with water and was constantly asking Fjölnir which country of the logo he was on. 'Now doing Iceland.' I sighed. 'Morocco.' OMG. By the time we got to Cape Hope, hope was something I no longer had. To this day I run around with half of a WL logo tattooed on my back. 
- Daniel Domscheit-Berg, "Inside WikiLeaks."

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