Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the hottest pieces of talent in Hollywood right now, with a host of hotly anticipated projects in the pipeline that will no doubt make him even hotter than he already is. On last nights episode of The Graham Norton Show the Brit-actor exemplified why he is so sought after by film executives by giving his own ominous take on the usually chipper trailer for the show.

Benedict, the devil in disguise?

The Star Trek: Into Darkness actor was commended on his lush voice by Norton, who then asked if he could present the trailer for the show to see if Benedict can make anything sound sinister. Proving he's a good sport, Benedict complied and gave his own take on Norton's routine, proving the point that he really can make ANYTHING sound sinister. Contact Music is not a website that generalises people, but well-spoken English men may in fact be the keepers to the gates of Hell.

Cumberbatch was on Norton's show with his Star Trek co-star Chris Pine as well as Kim Cattrall and Eurovision hopeful Bonnie Tyler and given his extensive list of upcoming projects the actor will no doubt be showing up on more talk shows and such for some time, and with a bit of luck we may get more pieces of TV gold like we did during last night's (May 3) show. As well as Star Trek: Into Darkness, the actor is also filming a new series of Sherlock and will star as Wikileaks founder Julian Asange in The Fifth Estate. He is also due to star in August: Osage County and will be stretching his sinister muscles again when he stars as The Necromancer in the upcoming Hobbit sequels, as well as voicing the dradon Smaug.

Benedict Cumberbatch
What really lies behind Benedict Cumberbatch's smile? Probably nothing...