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I think that this is basically a pastiche of interviews and Tumblr views as when examined it doesn't hold up. It's full of typos and misquotes. It's also way outta date with its info.If you are going to publish/post something aI think that this is basically at least check the spelling and attribute the information to the original sources. Shoddy work really.

Posted 3 years 2 weeks ago by Imyssa

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I can imagine exactly how Ben feels and have thought that the adulation he was getting probably wouldn't help him on a very personal level. It makes him seem intimidating when in fact he is shy and self critical, so the social distance will be increased. Women will seek him out, but not the right women. He will need someone who understands the pressures of being a rising star in the acting profession so inevitably someone connected with that, probably someone who is acts or works alongside him or at least in a related area, seems the obvious outcome. Incidentally it was Anna James, not Jones.

Posted 3 years 3 weeks ago by cillyfilly

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