Hollywood funnyman Ben Stiller has overcome most of the issues that prompted his concerned parents to put him through extensive therapy as a child.

The MEET THE FOCKERS star - who once admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder - was an uncomfortable and awkward child, but therapy has helped him overcome his most debilitating issues.

The 39-year-old says, "Therapy made sense for my parents at the time and they thought it might be useful for me. I don't have many issues. I'm not scared of heights. I've jumped out of an aeroplane. I like to drive fast on my motorcycle.

"I don't have an issue with germs or anything like that. It's usually just the stuff that gets in your head. I feel guilty easily and I'm very aware of how I'm affecting other people, so it's more to do with what's inside than the outside work."

31/01/2005 13:59