Ben Stiller's new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has prompted bosses at online dating site to upgrade their customer service.

When eHarmony dating experts realised the movie depicts staff as 24-hour carers to lonely hearts, they decided to make changes.

In the film, comedian Patton Oswalt plays the voice on the phone trying to help Stiller's desperate character find love by constantly editing his dating profile online - something eHarmony personal counsellors didn't do, until now.

After Stiller approached the dating site bosses with his ideas for the film, they decided it was time to upgrade their service and they created a system that mirrors the movie.

The site's vice-president of customer experience, Grant Langston, tells The Hollywood Reporter, "As I read the script, I realised it couldn't be accurate because that's not the way we model our service. EHarmony is a self-serve model."

So, the company upgraded and now premium members looking for love can receive one-to-one counselling from a professional matchmaker.

But film fans who sign up for the film should be warned - the package does not include face-to-face meetings with online experts at airports, as depicted in the movie.