As if the thought of Arrested Development returning isn’t already exciting enough for comedy fans (and it is), it’s been revealed that Ben Stiller will be returning to the cult comedy!

As has previously been announced, the devoutly followed but niche comedy will be returning after seven years away for a fourth season, to be shown on internet streaming site Netflix. The comedy only lasted for three seasons between 2003 and 2006 but played an important in the burgeoning careers of Jason Bateman, David Cross and, most notably, Michael Cera. All of those will be returning for the new series, alongside the likes of Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor and Portia De Rossi, and they’ll be joined by Ben Stiller. Those who remember the dysfunctional family program from the first time round might recall Stiller played the rival magician to Arnett’s character Gob, Tony Wonder. Wonder appeared as a recurring character in season two and three of Arrested Development where he was famed for being able to make any amount of objects appear from places as unbelievable as his nostrils and eyelids. It’s not been revealed where he’ll fit into the show this time round, with the plot being kept secret.

However, Entertainment Weekly have pointed out that Stiller will join a host of guesting stars, including Seth Rogan, Kristen Wiig, Conan O’Brien, Isla Fisher and John Slattery.

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Ben Stiller will be back as magician Tony Wonder