Anyone that grew up in the '90s has been avidly following the developments of the Boy Meets World spin off series, 'Girl Meets World'. The premise is the return of Cory and Topanga with the added addition of their teenage daughter. The final series of Boy Meets World ended with their wedding and having felt they'd pushed the story as far as it could go for that time, after seven years, they chose to end on a high. Thirteen years on and the couple are returning, now with a daughter whose own escapades we'll be following when it returns in February next year.

As exciting as this is, we're all a little apprehensive as to whom will be returning from the old series. Obviously both Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga, and Ben Savage, who played Cory, will be back and they're pretty pivotal to the series. However, Rider Strong who played Shawn has said that, for now, he's not involved. In a statement for Entertainment Weekly he explained both his relationship with the show and whether he's returning for the spin off. "Boy Meets World was a defining aspect of my life, and I cherish those seven years. It was never just a job - on a personal level, many of my best memories and friendships were formed because of it," he said. "So I am extremely happy for Ben and Danielle to be able to continue the story. At this point, I have no official involvement in Girl Meets World... I think it should be it's own show. It will be about Cory and Topanga, their daughter, and a new set of characters. It's the next generation. And I, for one, can't wait to see it evolve." 

The theme of evolution was prevalent in Danielle Fishel's statement as well. "It will have familiar faces, familiar themes, and familiar messages.  It will also have new faces, new themes, and new messages... We started at the same place with BMW but we evolved and we evolved quickly.  For those of you who knew and loved BMW, please allow this show to evolve as well. Stick with us. Give us a chance." We will Danielle, we will. As yet there have been no word in regard to anyone else returning, although there have been some hints that there'll be a few appearances in the future there is no concrete word either way.